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Sep 17

Princess Amalia of the Netherlands and Princess Aiko of Japan

Princess Amalia of the Netherlands and Princess Aiko of Japan

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New mug makes the 4:45 alarm slightly less painful.

New mug makes the 4:45 alarm slightly less painful.


- I’m gonna help you, ‘cause you know why?

- ‘Cause you walk around with so much guilt about everybody you love dying that you’re a compulsive fixer?


Josh Hartnett talks pansexual ‘Penny Dreadful’-x

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Sep 16

Day 16: Drink of Choice. #fyaphotoaday @forever_young_adult

Day 16: Drink of Choice. #fyaphotoaday @forever_young_adult



  1. Disney didn’t kill the EU.
  2. The EU hasn’t died unless you and everyone else let it die.
  3. Lucasfilm made the decision to create new stories.

Get to know these facts.

I spent a good minute staring at this trying to work out how Disney could possibly kill the European Union.

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Anonymous said: you had one non-american/white, non-stick thin character and you get a white,blonde stick thin actress to play her


1. I have never written a central female character who was described as thin other than Lindsey Lee Wells. Also, Margo and Q are two of the only white-identified people I’ve written, so I don’t really know how to respond to that part of your statement.

2. I do not cast the movie adaptations of my books. I am a novelist, not a casting director. I did not choose who would play Margo anymore than I choose where the movie will be filmed or what the budget or soundtrack will be.

3. That said, I think Cara will do a wonderful job as Margo. As I’ve learned in the past few hours, a lot of people who don’t know Cara have extremely strong opinions about her as a person, which is weird, because they don’t know her. They have a lot of opinions about her body, too, especially its supposed inadequacies. Cara is living, on a much larger stage, the Margo Roth Spiegelman experience: She receives massive amounts of attention but she’s more a mirror than a window. The way people respond to her seems to be a reflection of one’s own experience and worldview more than it has anything to do with the actual person Cara is. I think this is part of why Cara’s audition was so powerful: Her understanding of Margo is deep and profound and about a lot more than the shape of her body.

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